Comedy: the people who expect us to fix their computers Boing Boing

Comedy: the people who expect us to fix their computers Boing Boing.

This is SOOOOOO true!  I have met several folks JUST like this over the years and wanted to smack every one with a LARGE stick!


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One Response to “Comedy: the people who expect us to fix their computers Boing Boing”

  1. Steve Says:

    Been there, done that, have an entire clothing store full of tee shirts…

    I love it–“I am such a Luddite! And don’t bother trying to teach me how to do it, I’ll just call you when I do this again!” I have heard that quite a few times…I just respond slower each time they do it.

    Actually, most people will learn after a while, but there are that few who say “I don’t WANT to learn! Ever!” and they mean it. So, they just go to the bottom of the list, the “when I get a chance and happen to be in the neighborhood” list. As far as I’m concerned, if they don’t want to learn, then it must not be that important to them, and if it isn’t important to them, then it sure as hell isn’t important to ME.

    Of course, this attitude is not limited to computers at all. Twenty-five years of working on cooling systems showed me that in spades. “You mean I have to add water when it leaks? I thought that it automatically added water when it lost some!” (No, not when you have a hole you can stick your thumb in in the bottom hose it won’t.) “What do you mean it has to cool off before you can work on it? It’s only boiling hot! I have a hair dresser’s appointment!” Or my favorite–“We were only 5 miles away when the hot light came on–we decided we would just drive up here so you could fix it right away!” (For the record, this was a minivan that was so hot that we only got the engine to shut down–it was dieseling as I have never SEEN an engine diesel before–by turning off the ignition and then stuffing rags into the carb until it finally choked to death. Yes, the engine was trash. No, even after 5 minutes of explanation the owners didn’t understand why we couldn’t just throw another bottom hose on this rolling barbeque grill (you couldn’t get within 5 feet of the thing, it was so hot) and they then just drive on down the road. And No, they couldn’t understand why we didn’t just jump on this smoking hulk THAT INSTANT and fix it. We ended up just turning around and walking inside.)

    I must have missed the part in “On the origin of species” where Darwin told us that asshats would inherit the Earth….I guess since they don’t have to bother to fix ANYTHING that leaves them with all the time in the world they need to breed…and only asshats will breed with asshats…”Beam me up Scotty, there’s no sign of intelligent life HERE.”


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