Food Land, Alexandria, AL

Guess though we have been customers since they opened they don’t want our business. Went by this morning and got less than $20 of stuff. Got to the checkout and Cat wrote a check on her mother’s account, as she has done numerous times before, and they told us that they don’t accept out of town checks. No sorry or anything, just piss off and give us another form of payment. Cat paid cash and we left. Me getting madder and madder the longer I thought about it. Went down the road a way and talked about it, then turned around and went back. Got the groceries and went back inside to the service desk. When asked what the problem was told them that if they wouldn’t take our check then we would not do business with them any more and we wanted a refund. Rather loudly. Got the money back and left. Am still MOST unhappy about it. Started to go by on the way back this afternoon and make a scene with the manager but decided to wait till I was not quite so hot under the collar. WILL go back and demand an explanation and written reason for refusal as they have EBT and have always taken any check in the past. And will at that point take it up with the next level in corporate. “I” think it was a little power trip with the twit in charge just being a pain in the arse. But I will either be able to write a check or will take our business elsewhere.


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One Response to “Food Land, Alexandria, AL”

  1. Steve Says:

    I love the tags–Alexandria AL, Asshat, Foodland. The Unholy Trinity of Calhoun County….

    Yeah, I would go back (when not so worked up–it just isn’t productive to do that–I know, I’ve done it that way before and I just am not happy with myself afterward, though it may feel good at the time) and calmly ask why they do that, and like you said, get them to put something in writing about it. Then send it to corporate, and go on with life. I have a list of folks I don’t shop with meself because they have convinced me they don’t want me as a customer, just my money, and that in their preferred method of payment or not at all. So, unless I have NO choice at all, they don’t see me, I don’t see them, and both of us seem to survive OK.


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