Saturday snippits

Spent the morning trying to get Puppy Linux to work on the memory stick. The live cd I have worked fine but the older copy on the stick had quit working. Tried to reinstall from a fresh copy of 4.3.1 I downloaded from the web and got the same thing. Ended up finding the copy I had used to burn the cd from which was on the iBook and using it to put in the stick, which worked fine. ??? Whatever. It now works. Went to a customers house and worked on his computer that had a DVD drive that had quit working. Is running Vista. POS from end to end is my opinion. Hell, ME was better. But that was what I had to work with. Tried several things. None of which worked. Finally got into Regedit and with Google’s help deleted the right line, shut down and rebooted and it all came back and worked. For how long I have no idea but for now tis working. Did a bunch of other updates and helped him with some other things. Spent most of the afternoon which I had planned on using for other things but caca occurs. Came back home and ate lunch at sometime after 4 then did some stuff on the computer here. Had a friend drop by a bit after 6 and we talked for a while and then about 7:30 Cat and I went to WW and then Winn Dixie and got back home around 9:30. Fixed and ate supper and went back to the computer. Am about done for the day so till tomorrow folks… 😉


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One Response to “Saturday snippits”

  1. Steve Says:

    Puppy Linux is one of those things where if you have the right version, it really rocks, and if you don’t, it’s like eating rocks. 4.3.1 is a good one, as far as I have had experience with, but all the 4.x before that are absolutely trash. Even the guy who makes the distro says so. I think he tried something different, and it just didn’t work, except maybe on his own machine, I dunno. I use Puppy as my tool of choice to recover files when Windoze goes south. Love it, and have thought a few times about putting it on a machine permanently. No time, no time…

    Spent most of Saturday FINALLY cleaning up the workroom at the workbuilding. It’s amazing all the stuff I let accumulate in piles–get busy, just move stuff aside. Gotta stop doing that, but after the half-century mark it gets harder to change. Just gotta work on it. Byte by byte eats the elephant…will try to do some paperwork and maybe rebuild a computer or two today. Need to install PCOS or something on the media-center-to-be and see what I can/can’t get to work, and the machine I am working on now has some weirdness, and I need to wipe/reinstall XP on it. It’s a drive I pulled from a lightning struck machine–I don’t think the drive itself has problems, but I think the USB drivers don’t quite match the machine I put it in. Same model of Dell (strange that I accumulate so many Dells–or not so strange, I guess) but I thing there is a difference somewhere in the USB. And since I have the external drive now, I can easily redo the OS, so I think I will. As well as get the tax stuff together and a few other things–loading an OS is one of those things that gives you plenty of time to do other stuff.

    As for Vista, no kaka dude. The speed at which it dethroned ME as the absolute WORST MS OS was stunning. Though I must say, if you wipe and load it from scratch on a machine that had the early version, and do all the updates, it’s usable. Usable, not good, but usable. 7 is better, but still not exactly anything to write home about. The things that they made almost (or completely) impossible in the name of security are amazing. Funny–OSX and Linux can do those things and be secure, why not 7? Though I will admit, the main one I am thinking of (sharing a drive) can make you pull your hair out in Linux as well. Oh, well, we have a long way to go with everything, I guess…

    Well, it’s time to get the wife up for work. Have a good day!


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