Shelving Sunday

Moving it that is. Started the morning after coffee with finishing taking down the last bit in the qhut. Next was a trip to the storage trailer and clearing off shelves there and taking down a couple of sections and loading the truck. Headed to Piedmont where we unloaded it all and hauled it into the shop. Still no front door key so had to go in the PDM front door and take it down the length of the store to our section which is quite a walk. Both ways. After getting it all inside put up the batch along the side wall and then broke for lunch. Afterwards did a bit of cleaning up and came back here, where we took a bunch more down from the storage trailer. Again loading the pickup till it was groaning and then headed back to Piedmont. Repeated the unloading and hauling in but didn’t put any more up. Will head up in the morning and see what we can get done there. Came back about dark. Cat fed the cats while I got the fire going and hauled wood in for the evening. Been sitting and catching up on the computer since other than for supper. Am about to call it a night. Quite tired and another full day tomorrow, so till then… 😉


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One Response to “Shelving Sunday”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a full day/weekend. I did mainly computer and paperwork for the day. FINALLY got the tax stuff and my flex fund stuff together, so today (Monday) I can fax in the flex fund stuff and get my money back, and take the tax stuff by to get it done. WELL worth the money to me to get someone else to do the taxes–just too much kaka.

    Posting from the computer my daughter uses (under protest–it’s Windoze) to do her Office 2007 course at GSCC. My usual computer is installing 8 of 17 in the third batch of updates since I rebuilt it. Software-wise, I mean. Was having funky USB issues that I couldn’t track down, and this was the computer that I had swapped a hard drive into from a lightning struck machine. I don’t think there is anything wrong per se with the hd, I think that even though the machines were the same model Dell that there is some difference in the motherboards, and that was causing the USB issues. I hope. In any case I copied all my data files over, and then made a disk image of the boot drive with Clonezilla, just in case. And also to see how it worked via USB. Worked fine, except I couldn’t put the image in the folder I wanted to because I created it with a space in the title. Ooops. So I put it somewhere else and then moved it. Made a 25.2 GB file from 31 GB on the disk–not bad. Then wiped it and went to install. Had to exit out and disconnect the other internal drive–it wanted to make it “C” drive instead of the boot drive, and I have been down that road before. Not going again, if I can help it. Damn Windoze…anyway, it is now at 11 of 17 (those .net updates take a while) and proceeding OK–for XP.

    Well, going to have to go do breakfast, and figure out just what I’m going to do with the day. Have a good one!


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