Been a day

And a Monday at that. Got a load up and headed to Piedmont this morning. Got there and tore down the shelving we had put up yesterday as the uprights we had used are needed in the back two rooms instead of the front room. Different ceiling height and the shorter stuff will work back there where the taller stuff won’t. Anyway got the side shelving put back up and went to put the 2 sections across the back wall only to find out there was no more of the 28 1/4″ X 46 3/4″ pieces up there. So finished doing what we could and came back here to get more. Only to find out that there was no more. Had plenty of the 40″ X 46 3/4″ pieces but none of the shorter stuff. So got 8 of the 40″ stuff and cut them down to 28 1/4″. No biggie, just time. Loaded them and a bunch of other stuff and headed back north. After unloading the truck, and eating lunch, got the two shelving sections across the back wall put up. Then started putting product on the grid wall and shelves. Unloaded 8 or so totes and have stuff on most of the grid wall and on about half the shelves, though not in any semblance of order. Will put it in order as we can, at present we’re just unpacking and seeing what we have. Some of the stuff hasn’t seen light of day since November, and some longer than that. Time to close down came and we came home. Need to pack up more to take with us tomorrow, but tonight it ain’t gonna happen. For now am gonna call it a night and hope to get a early start tomorrow, baring the predicted snow, so till then… 😉


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