Snowy Tuesday

Awoke to rain several times during the night and early morning. Changed to snow midmorning and got some buildup on the tarps and carports which I had to knock off. Changed back to rain around 10 and we got ready to leave, then when walking out the door it made with the big slushy snow flakes again. Headed on anyway. Got nearly there and the buildup on the road started. Went on as there was only a couple of miles to go and by the time we got to the center of town the roads were ok other than wet. Spent the day unboxing, unwrapping, and shelving stuff. Got about every square inch of shelving covered. Most of the grid wall is filled too. Will take down and load more shelving tomorrow and haul it up there to fill the second room. Found 4 more boxes of breakables in the qhut this evening while poking around in there. Think there is some more stashed somewhere. For now am gonna call it a night. Had all the day I can stand, so till the morrow… 😉


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