Hump day

Took down 20 feet of shelving this morning after unloading and boxing the stuff that was on it, and it was loaded rather fully. Loaded it into the truck and headed north to Piedmont. Ate lunch and then moved the bits inside. Cleared enough stuff out of the 2nd room to get to the walls and put the shelving up. Put up a piece of pegboard on one wall just inside the door and then a couple of pieces of grid wall by the back door. One section of shelving went up by the grid wall and then 2 along the adjoining side wall. Unboxed quite a bit of glass and other breakables and loaded the shelves. Will see if we can get at least one more upright taken down and load the other boxes that are here to take with us in the morning. With one more piece we can finish the 2nd room. Then on to the 3rd one, for which we will need the shorter shelving uprights. Slowly getting there I think. Still got several truck loads of stuff that needs to go up there, but if we get one load taken up a day will not take more than a couple of weeks to get most of it done. If we can hold out that long energy wise. For now am gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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