Friday and done

With the day that is. Got the light up in the second room. Still got to replace one of the tombstones but two of the tubes work so there’s light in the room now. Will take another socket tomorrow and put it in. Along with two tubes. Need to get those in here now so I don’t forget them in the am. Got the lights by the door. Hope I remember them in the am. For now am gonna call it a night so maybe I can get a nights sleep and be up early enough to get there close to 9. Till later…


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3 Responses to “Friday and done”

  1. Steve Says:

    Well, the daughter and I came by and tried to find your place in Piedmont on the way back from the son’s new digs, but we couldn’t find it. Didn’t see your truck anywhere, but you may not have been there at that time. We’ll try again and check it out–hope things are going well.


  2. depatty Says:

    Were there from about 10 am till nearly 6. Just walked in the door here after a trip to WW for provisions. Doing rather well actually since there is NO sign other than our Yard Sale sign which is in the window.

    If you know where the old R&R Hardware (now Main Street Hardware) is, we is right across the street.

    If coming from Jacksonville on 21, go straight into town till you come to the stop light, just past the caution light at the funeral home crossing. Turn left at the stop light, and right past the Chief Ladiga Trail on the right is a large steel building with a Welcome To Piedmont mural painted on the side facing the trail. That be us. The Piedmont Discount Merchandise/Grocery is in the center section and we are on the far end next to the bank, however there is no outside entry at present, so enter at the main entrance to the grocery.

    If coming in from 278 from Hokes Bluff/Gadsden, take a right at Highway 9/North Main Street and go about 7 tenths of a mile till you cross West Ladiga Street, and we are in the large steel building on the left, across from Main Street Hardware.

    If you get lost, you can go to the Piedmont Police Station, then when standing in front of it on West Ladiga, look to your left at the next street and that is Main Street and the dividing line between North Main and South Main. Go to that intersection and turn left and we are in the big steel building on the left across from Main Street Hardware.

    Ya should have called me on my cell phone. I can get ya to us… 😉


  3. Steve Says:

    Ya know, I never even THOUGHT about a cell phone. Doh. I got confused, and turned right before your store, methinks. Oh, well, I’ll/we’ll make it up there. Glad stuff is selling, that is a lot better than the alternative!

    Have a good day today!


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