Sunday and done

Went to an Estate sale today and ended up with a serious truckload of stuff. Started with getting the $2 bags and filling 9 of them up between Cat and me. Then the woman in charge of that part of the sale offered to sell me the rest of the stuff and after a bit of back and forth dickering came to an agreement. Kinda. She went to ask the boss and then he came out and we talked a bit and I made a final offer which he took. Then we started loading. And loading. And loading. Packed the bed of the truck to the top of the camper shell but got it all in and headed to Piedmont. Unloaded it all and after a stop at Sav-A-Lots came home. Once here went to clean the flue and ended up having to replace a piece of the pipe. Got the male to male connector repaired and after some unwanted exertion got it back in place. Then got the elbow and rest in place and wedged and bolted in. Hoping it will be the last cleanout this season. Fixed and ate supper and then went to the storage trailer and got a bunch of wire shelving baskets and brackets and loaded them up. Came back over here and been trying to catch up on the world since. Am about done in for the day. Still need to get one package done but may wait till tomorrow. Or not. Will decide in a minute and then go to bed, so till tomorrow… 😉


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