A wet Wednesday

Took several totes that I loaded last night to the store this morning though it was raining pretty hard. Nice thing about the plastic totes is that the rain doesn’t affect what is in them. Spent the day unpacking, cleaning, fixing, pricing, and putting stuff on the shelf. And dealing with customers, of which we had several, even though it rained all day. Word seems to be getting around that we have a wide range of items. And a wide range of prices too. Items range from 10 cents to $150.00 for single items.

Got home prior to dark today and checked the lake and creek. Creek was running about 3 feet deep which is 2 feet over normal. Lake is about 6 feet below the top of the dam and the spillway is running pretty good. Waded through the spillway runoff and it was a foot or so deep and quite a strong flow. Will check in the morning before we leave out to see what the nights rains have wrought. Suspect that the level on both will be up a good bit. Hoping this is the worst of it but with that coming in from the west suspect it ain’t.

After getting back went to WW for a few things and had more storms while out. Been raining on and off since we got back. Heated and ate supper and been on the computer and pricing jewelry since. Priced and tagged 27 necklaces, 9 pairs of earrings, and 2 leather bags. Now got to build a display case. Need it by Saturday morning. Will see if I can get something put together by then.

For now am gonna call it a night, a couple of hours later than I had planned, so till tomorrow… 😉


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