Sunday and done

Headed out just after 1 and went to the Helping Hands Thrift Store in Alexandria. Ended up getting a couple of exercise machines, a fair number of books, 2 toner cartages for our newest laser printer, several plates, saucers, cups, a mug, and a glass, along with several other items I forget right now. Came back by here for a pit stop and then went to the Antique Mall in Jacksonville. Browsed a bit and got to talking to the lady that runs the place. Ended up buying several rooster dishes, some bowls, a book, and a very nice antique ruby red glass bowl. Payed more than I wanted to for the bowl and book but think we will come out on all of them. From there headed to Piedmont and unloaded the goodies at the store. Cleaned up and priced a few of the items and then after taking a drive around town came home. Just finished cooking and eating supper, after packing up some books and a few pieces of glassware. Gonna get a shower and then call it an early night as have an early morning tomorrow. Till then… đŸ˜‰


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