Monday bits

Went and helped a friend pull his truck and trailer out of the muck and mire this morning. Came back home, ate breakfast, and headed out to pay bills. Got that done and went by the Salvation Army on Noble and was about to leave when I saw a Magic Chef built in stove. Checked the price and they were asking $20 for it. Called a buddy that deals in that kind of thing and he said offer $10 as they said it had problems. Did so and the manager was like can no do, will take $15. Another call and told him sorry but will have to pass and his tone changed to will take what we can get so wheres the $10. Loaded it up and went to Piedmont where we unloaded it. Will check it out tomorrow or the next day and see what the problem with the oven is. Spent the rest of the day cleaning, sorting, pricing, and shelving stuff. Got to go by WW in the morning and get more price tags. Hate spending $0.02 for each one but Office Max is more so will keep doing so I guess. Hope to get the rest of the stuff tagged within the next couple of weeks so we can move on to other things. Getting closer I guess. For now am running a final scan on drives of the HP computer to make sure there are no more nasties lurking in the files and hope to turn it back over to the customer in the am. Gonna call it a night here in a minute. Till tomorrow… 😉


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