Saturday bits and pieces

Started the day far too early with a trip to the old Cedar Spring School where we looked for some stuff that we had left there as we had no room left to store it here. Ended up getting a few pieces but most were gone. Came back here, got breakfast and loaded some other stuff in the truck and headed to Piedmont. Unloaded, then went and looked at some stuff that was for sale at a yard sale on the corner. Ended up buying a wardrobe, Visions frying pan and lid, and 2 crystal goblets with silver edging. Moved it into the shop and took the doors off the wardrobe, then flipped it over and removed the bottom which was damaged. Cleaned it up and used oil wiping stain on it to freshen it up. Removed some nails and glued a split in one of the uprights and oiled the wheels. Gonna make a display case out of it, with the addition of some brackets and shelves. Will clean the doors up and make hanging wall mirrors out of them. Did a few other repairs on some other pieces and the usual cleaning, repricing, pricing, shelving, and waiting on customers. Did not have a very good day but then everything has been slow this week. Hoping next week is better. For now am gonna hit the sack and start again tomorrow, so till then… 😉


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