Sunday working on stuff

Spent the day working on the Stamina 4655 recumbent air bike that we got for Cat’s mom at a yard sale yesterday. Took the cage off the fan and used the moldable epoxy and super glue to repair/replace the recessed screw mounting points. Got some longer screws and washers and after reinforcing/replacing the standoffs used them to remount the housing. Worked fine. Screw heads and washers are exposed but the housing is secure and stable.

Went to the Helping Hands Thrift Store in Alexandria and picked up an unusual ashtray. Also made a trip to the Antique Mall in Jacksonville and got a # 6 clock winding key for the Korean made clock that I have been working on that we have for sale. Now all I have left to get/make for it are 3 finials. Had hoped to find them at Lowe’s but no such luck. Clock could be sold without them but would rather it be complete. Tried to find something that looked like it online but so far no dice.

Just finished supper and tis almost 10 pm. Morning will come way too early and I still have things that need doing tonight but am afraid that they are not gonna get done. Gonna do a bit more browsing and then call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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