Sunday bits

Made a trip to Attalla just after noon to see what was available at a yard sale at the middle school over there. Was a bit early when we got there so went downtown and took a walk down the main street. Saw a fellow we had done business with before as he was opening up and did a bit of looking around in his junk shop side. Found some shelving that matched some we already have and got it, along with a bunch of glass pieces and plates. Also came to a deal on a 1994 Coco Cola lidded stein with papers. Loaded it all up and then went to the yard sale where we only found one piece. Left and went back down town and stopped at the other open shop where I lusted over but was unable to justify the purchase of a set of Ruby Red bowls. Soon as I get the cash I am making a trip back to get them though. NICE stuff! Did get 3 Budweiser steins at a somewhat reasonable price. From there went to Piedmont where we unloaded the stuff and then came back here. Did a bit of research on the steins and some other glassware and then moved some stuff out side so we could get to the loft in the qhut. Got the path cleared and went up to get some shelving and other stuff that was stored up there. Took the shelves apart and loaded them in the truck and moved 3 boxes of glassware from my aunts house to the living room where we unpacked it and put it on the shelves in place of some of the stuff we took to the store to sell. Loaded an assortment of stuff into the truck and then sat down to get this done. Am fixing to hit the sack so till tomorrow… 😉


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One Response to “Sunday bits”

  1. Steve Says:

    Haven’t commented in a while, so I thought I would…

    Been mostly the usual–working, fixing computers (mainly removing fake antiviruses and repairing the damage caused–this has been a VERY regular thing lately), doing some stuff around the house. Haven’t gotten up to Piedmont again yet, maybe the wife and I can make it Saturday. We’ll see.

    Not as much time as usual this morning, I slept a little late and have already done breakfast, and now must go get ready for work. Have a good day!


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