Tuesday pieces

After a slow morning, decided to make a run to Atalla to get the bowl I have been lusting after. Got there and the store was closed. 😦 So took a walk through downtown and most everything in town was closed. Got to the far end of the antiques area and started back when a fellow called that they were open and to come back. Which we did. Found a couple of Budweiser steins, a James B. Beam bottle, a beer mug tooth pick holder, and some embroidery thread and hoops at that store. Robert, the fellow we bought from Sunday, came in to borrow a hammer from Ray, who owns the place we were at, and told us he was open and to come on down, so we headed on and browsed around his place for a while. Bought a doll, a vase (which I sold as soon as we got back), some cups and saucers, and a sideboard which we could not afford but again could not afford to walk away from at the price offered. And being broke headed on back to Piedmont. Got there and unloaded the spoils of the trip and started working on getting the stuff cleaned up and ready to sell. Left the sideboard clamped with glue drying, where I repaired a crack in the board holding the top back trim. Did a bit of cleaning up with steel wool and assorted oils and left things soaking overnight. Will get back on it in the morning and try to get the drawers glued and ready to go back in before the day is over. Not gonna go overboard on this piece, just want to get it to a salable state. Came home and after supper did some research on some of the stuff we have for sale to be able to discuss it more fully. For now am gonna hit the sack and hit the boards running in the am, so till tomorrow… 😉


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