Saturday on the go

Stopped at an estate sale a couple of miles up the road on the way in this morning. Cat got a couple of things at a dollar each, while I pissed them off by offering far too little (in their opinion) for some other stuff. After being rebuffed a couple of times on my more than generous offers (I thought they were anyway) we left. Checked in Jacksonville but nothing on our way so headed on into Piedmont. Unloaded, and started unpacking, cleaning, pricing, and shelving stuff. Which is what we did between waiting on customers until about 12:30 when we headed out to the estate sale on 10th st in Gadsden. Got there and picked up 6 Coca Cola fountain glasses, an old military box, and some yarn. Headed out to go to Atalla and found a place that sells used furniture and other assorted stuff, so stopped in and bought a waterfall kneehole desk from the late 40’s or early 50’s. And then headed on into Atalla. Got there and bought the Ruby Red bowl and berry bowls and then went to see Robert to see what goodies he had today. Found a bed that I want. Hope to go back and pick it up some time next week if sales go well. Picked up a few other bits of glass and metal smalls as well as several books from another fellow that was selling stuff on the street. Interesting place and folks. Made a dollar by helping load a piece of furniture. Was helping Robert and his customer tipped me. Guess I looked like the other scruffy street bums hanging around… 😉 Headed back to the store to find that Steve had been and waited on us for a while. Sorry about that dude! Forgot about you saying you might be there till we were on the way back with our haul. Hope to catch you next time, or some time soon. Got things unloaded and found that the desk needs some re-gluing. Will see about doing that tomorrow so we can have it for sale early next week. Got the Ruby Red unpacked and cleaned up, then set it out and it looks GOOD. Thinking about taking some of the other pieces we have up to finish off the display but don’t know yet. For now am about done in, so am gonna crash for the night. Till tomorrow… 😉


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