Tuesday and a village aquired

Went to the power company this morning and paid last months bill, then as prices had jumped again overnight on fuel we topped off the tank at the Wally World station. From there went south and took White’s Gap road to Highway 9 and into Piedmont. Twas a different trip and only slightly longer. Gonna try it again with a different route to see how it works out. Got there and worked of the usual, cleaning, pricing, fixing, sorting, etc. Had a customer drop in looking for something we didn’t have but found things she wanted. Didn’t have the cash so offered a trade. For a miniature village. I had no knowledge of such but agreed to look at it so she went and returned with a large box and lots of houses and buildings. Deal was done and she left happy. I figured we could sell them a few at a time and make a few bucks. Till I looked at ebay and found what this stuff was going for. Now I am happy too! Will take a lot of work to move them all but will see what we can do and go with it. I think there are somewhere around a hundred + pieces of this stuff. Rest of the day was more of the same. Till we went for a walk and came back with 5 pieces of pink glass, 2 Avon bottles, and some other stuff. Checked prices on the pink depression glass and at least one piece is a good one and worth what we paid for it all. Rest is worth lessor amounts but still good stuff, even the scratched piece. Need to carry the jewelers rouge up there and get to work on some of the scratched pieces. For now am gonna call it a night here soon and go at it again tomorrow, so till then… 😉


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