Thursday pieces

Twas a day but managed to get through it without getting physical with any of the arsehats. Though it was close a couple of times. Had to walk out of the room on one. And the encounter has made me rethink quite a few things about what we are doing up there. Am not going to make a decision on anything yet but am looking at options. And that’s the end of that subject for the present.

Sold the other exercise machine today. That makes both in the same week. Made very little on either of them but they are gone and I will not get any more unless they literally drop in my lap/are given to me. Take up too much room and sit there far too long for little return.

Got a little further on the desk today but still not sure that completely stripping the top and redoing the finish from scratch is not the best way to go. Will look at it in the morning and make a decision then.

Scrapped the top on the table we got from Robert yesterday right after we got in the morning. Added some stain and then started with a tung oil finish. Got to pull the legs and associated under bits and see what all has got to be done there. Will see about doing that tomorrow but may devote the day to other things. Will see when we get there.

Planing on hitting some of the yard sales in Piedmont tomorrow. Several scheduled.

For now am gonna call it a night and start over in the am, so till then… 😉


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One Response to “Thursday pieces”

  1. Steve Says:

    Ah, retail! It brings out the best in people, doesn’t it? Dealing with the public is something that they need to award Noble prizes for…though I would settle for awarding Darwin awards to some of the customers, with instant “evolutionary actions” taking place, if you get what I mean…

    Hang in there. Arsehats are everywhere, the only way to avoid them is to do the “hermit on a hilltop” thing, and some arsehats climb hills, even.

    Been the usual around here–work, school for the daughter, family get-togethers for Easter, all the usual stuff. Hope to run into you sometime, it’s been a while. Know you have been busy.

    Have a good one!


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