Sunday bits and pieces

Got up, did coffee and breakfast, then out and about. Went to Flamingo Trade day and on the way stopped at a yard sale where we got a small brass elk or deer. Then went on to Flamingo where we got a pink depression glass bowl and three glass furniture glides, a Avon light house, a knick knack wall display, some salt and pepper shakers, and some other pieces, then went over to Bill’s Trade day where we didn’t get past Lloyd’s book store where we ended up sitting and talking for a couple of hours. Ate lunch while there, bought 4 books and were given 18 brown eggs and then headed on down the road. Stopped at another yard sale and got 3 miniature tea pots and a pair of cat salt and pepper shakers. Back to the house to put the eggs up and then went to the Antique mall in Alexandria where we looked around and then talked to the folks for a while before heading out to Janney Furnace where we arrived too late to get into the museum and just after they shut down the reenactment. So headed to Jacksonville and WW where we managed to get some of what we needed but not all and then came home. After getting here did a bit of telephone consultation on installing OOo on WinXP and then some reading and research, and watched a couple of episodes of The Antiques Roadshow and am fixing to call it a night. So till tomorrow… 😉


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3 Responses to “Sunday bits and pieces”

  1. Steve Says:

    Sounds like a day.

    Consulting on installing OOo of WinXP? I mean, you download it, install it, set the default to .doc, .xls, and .ppt for the repective apps, and then you use it, right? Just wondering what kind of hitch led to the consultation…and since it was XP, I just assumed it’s for someone else, which is why I put in the “set the default” stuff.

    Did all the usual stuff this weekend–rebuilt the boot drive on the media PC (again!–Don’t you LOVE using old hard drives?), paid some bills, grilled, went to the son’s house and looked at their washer to see what is leaking on it. Looks like the water pump, that usually isn’t a big deal, is it? Didn’t look like it, but I didn’t dig too deep.

    Well, have a good day, and will see you when I can.


    • depatty Says:

      Yea, that’s about it, but when the person is on dial-up, and the extent of their computer experience is using AOL, getting a copy on a cd that doesn’t autorun can be a problem. Had to walk them through, by phone, how to find the cd in “My Computer”, open it, launch the installer application and just about every click from there on. Took 15 to 20 minutes to get it all done. Was hoping would be over after getting them started but was not to be. Gonna get them started on using it later today. Should be interesting. 😉


  2. Steve Says:

    Oh, yes–I feel your pain. And with dial-up and AOL, there is more than enough pain to go around…

    I’ll lift a glass in your honor later…


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