Long Friday done

Did a bit of putting in place, moving around, pricing, cleaning, fixing, spraying, hunting for things, finding things but not what I was hunting at the time, fixing other things, waiting on customers, and a few other things. Think I am gonna call it an early night and hope the weather doesn’t get much worse tonight. Till tomorrow folks… 😉


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One Response to “Long Friday done”

  1. Steve Says:

    From reading the tweets, it looks like things were worse than I thought, storm-wise. Woke up a few times to the sound of thunder/rain, but it never seemed that exceptional. Not for Alabama in April, for sure. April is not a calm month. From looking at the TV, it is going to be an interesting day. Hopefully the sun will never shine, as that will just add energy to the storms, but it’s all out of my hands, to be sure.

    Going to hang around the house today and do what I can. If the power goes out and it gets bad, I can always just sit on the front porch and watch/listen for the “train”, which I hope never comes.

    Y’all keep an eye out, and be careful, especially going back and forth–if you stay up at the store ’till five, you may be in the thick of it coming home. Keep watch, and have a good one!


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