One of those days

Started out the day with Cat plugging in her computer after the storms yesterday and having 3 capacitors explode. One in the power supply and two on the mother board. So one more machine toast. Checked the cash we had on hand and did some browsing around the local stores and not so local stores to find that WW had the best overall prices on new machines. Not the best stuff out there but still not bad. Ate lunch and then headed out to see what was available. Ended up at the Jacksonville store where a friend of ours, Wayne, discussed the features of the stuff they had in stock with us. We ended up with a eMachine laptop with an Intel Celeron 2.2 GHZ processor, 2 gb ram, 250 gb hd, DL dvd burner, and 15.6 inch display. For the money twas a very nice machine. Got back and a fellow I had emailed about a laptop he had on Craig’s List had gotten back with me, so will be going to get it tomorrow. Needs a keyboard but that’s no biggie. Otherwise been playing with the old Mac machines. Gonna hit the sack and start again in the am, so till then… 😉


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