Tired Thursday

Started the day with a stop by a yard sale where we picked up a few things. Got into the store and unloaded, unpacked, cleaned up and put stuff out. Did some rearranging and fixed a chair that decided to come apart after I stood in it. Took care of the front for a bit and then talked to several different folks for a good while which ate up the time until about 3 pm when we had a dealer from Atlanta come in on a buying spree. So there went any hopes for food for another 2 hours. By which time twas time to load things in from the parking lot and shut the whole thing down. Went to the local oriental resturant to eat and was quite disapointed in the food and somewhat shocked at the prices. Will not be going there again in the evenings, and will have to think long and hard to do lunch there again. Live and learn.

Trying out Haiku Alpha2 live cd at present. So far other than a couple of minor things am quite impressed. Thinking about installing on a USB stick and using it that way for a bit. Will see after a bit longer test drive.

For now am gonna call it an early night and hope tomorrow is a less stressful day. Till then… 😉


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