Long Sunday

And almost done. Spent some time this morning with a sling blade clearing the brush behind (south of) the compound and around the Ford pickup truck. After getting worn out and almost over heated, came in and showered. Ate lunch and then headed to the estate sale. Did the buyout thing on the dollar boxes and outside stuff there and started loading it up. Took two trips this time. Stuff is piled up everywhere at the store. Suspect it will take two or three days to get through it all. Put somewhere around 120 miles on the truck. Gonna HAVE to get the trailer finished so one trip will do it on days like this. Supposed to set up the new booth at Valley Antiques starting Thursday. Still haven’t figured out exactly what we are gonna move there. Most likely will take some of the stuff from here and fill in with a few better pieces from Piedmont. Am a bit past beat, so, till tomorrow… šŸ˜‰


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