A tired (but productive) Forth

Spent the morning moving the second truckload of stuff into the booth, then came back here where we unloaded two store shelving sections, tore them down, loaded them into the truck, took them out to Valley Antiques, unloaded the truck, moved the pieces inside, put the shelving back together, and loaded the stock on them. Then did the pricing, checking tags, redoing tags, rearranging things, checking tags one more time, fixing missing info, checking them one more time, and finally calling that part done for now. Jumped into the truck, and headed to Pell City to try to keep a 3 pm appointment to look at a china cabinet. Made it within a couple of minutes of the agreed on time. Went in, looked at it, and a couple of pieces of glass that they had, made the purchase, and then discovered that the lady was someone I had known years ago! Small world! Loaded the stuff in the truck and then ended up spending nearly an hour standing in the front yard talking. Stopped at Taco Bell in Pell City to eat “lunch” at about 4:30 and then came back home. Was gonna go to Piedmont to drop the stuff off but just too tired. Came in and looked at the computer for a short time and then took a several hour nap on the couch. Got up and been looking up stuff online since. Heading to bed soon, so till tomorrow… 😉


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