Long tired Monday

Twas a day. Got to the store and after some other work unloaded the china cabinet. Got it inside and started going over it to see what all it needed. Took the glass door off and removed the glass from it. Cleaned and oiled the wood trim and cleaned the glass, then put the glass back in. Cut some pasteboard shims, punched holes for the screws and reinstalled the door with shims to realign it in the frame. Glued and nailed the door stop back in place and reinstalled the door latch. Tis all better now. Works like it should. Cleaned and oiled the outside of the cabinet. Did some work on the top where pots had been sitting and watered which had damaged the finish. All in all, took about 4 hours to get it to a point that it looks quite nice and is ready to sell. Put some stuff inside it and will add things on top tomorrow after the tung oil polymerizes. Did a bit of work on a clock which afterwards would not run so will go after it again later. Called it a day around 5, came home by way of the folks house where we picked up a bag of beans. Fixed supper and then snapped beans for quite a while. Cooked one pot which is cooling now. Rest of them will go in the fridge till tomorrow when we will cook them. For now am gonna do a couple of more things and call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉


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