A climb up the tallest tower

Strange & Amazing on Yahoo! Video – A climb up the tallest tower

These folks are NUTS!!!


One Response to “A climb up the tallest tower”

  1. Steve Says:

    I’m watching it now–in pieces, as I am actually getting vertigo. I believe that if I were actually doing this kind of work, I’d wear a BASE chute–I mean, it MIGHT work, if ever needed…

    Yeah–the papal throne will become available to me before you see my ass on the elevator or that thing, much less the ladder. But Riley on “World’s Toughest Fixes” on NatGeo channel would LOVE this. He can have it, every day…he’s a rigger, so he’s nuts to start with. They did a segment on changing out an antenna on a tower in the Midwest–insane! And the guys doing it just LOVED it. Lots of different folks in the world.

    I’m actually slightly nauseous after watching that. My hat is off to these guys. I just hope it doesn’t hit anyone on the way down…


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