Starting to come back to life

Or it feels like it. Been over 2 months down this time. Started back on the D-Ribose 10 days ago and am actually starting to feel like doing things other than sleeping.

Got out a bit earlier and finished clearing one side of the area where I have usable lumber stored or cleared enough to access it anyway. Moved the trailer I’m rebuilding into a camper a little closer and have started laying out some lumber and trying to make some final decisions on what it’ll look like. Trailer is 8 feet long by 4 feet wide and I want the body to be about 10 feet long and 6 & 1/2 feet wide. So gonna have to go a foot forward and backward and between 16 and 18 inches to each side. Should outta be a fun build. Will try to get some pictures as I get to work on it.

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One Response to “Starting to come back to life”

  1. Steve Says:

    Dude–glad you are doing better. Hope you continue to improve quickly. Maybe the weather cooling off will help also.


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