Few New Pix of Trailer Frame

Took a few new pictures of the trailer frame after getting the fenders and wheels off. Nothing much to see but figured I would document as much as possible. Also got one picture of my rolling work/tool bench FWIW.

Went to the CO-OP the other day and got about 4 pounds of carriage bolts, washers, and nuts which cost $10.19. Trailer was $150.00 so the total right now is $160.19. I think I got some deck screws just for this job but don’t remember how many pounds or the cost right off. Will see if I can find the receipt for them but if not don’t think they were over $10 if that much.

Today been trying to get the wood sorted out and last paint on the fenders. Just finished grinding the last of some old welds off of the frame so the fenders will sit flat against it when bolted on.

Will see about getting some more pictures of things at this stage in a few.

Till Laters…



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