Made a hands free axe carrier

Was over on Survival Sherpa and saw the one Todd made and decided to add a carrier to my beater hand axe.

This is the finished product.  The head cover is one I made several years ago out of a scrap piece of leather that fit around the head without cutting. Punched holes in it top and bottom and laced it together.

Axe in carrier

Axe in carrier

The button I used is a piece of antler that I drilled (with a bow drill which I’ll post about in another entry) and tied on with another piece of leather thong.

Closure side

Closure side

To attach the strap and help support the axe I added a piece from the bottom to the closure strap, again by punching holes and lacing on with leather thong. The other end of the strap I just fed through the lace at the end of the cover and tied the strap around it.  Gives some adjustment and if I need to at a later date I can always make a slit in the head cover, feed it through and tie it around.

Head cover closed

Head cover closed

Button hole is just a slit in the leather.  Easy on, easy off.

Head cover open

Head cover open

Thanks to Survival Sherpa for the idea!

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One Response to “Made a hands free axe carrier”

  1. Survival Sherpa Says:

    Looking good bud!


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