New Knife

Had an old carbon steel kitchen/steak knife that’s been kicking around for a while. Been wanting to do something with it and since our plans for the day got rained out decided to see what I could make. Got into the antler pile and found a piece that felt about right in my hand and with a little cutting, trimming, grinding, and filing got it to where it looked about right with the blade. Drilled holes in the end and dug/cut/filed till I could fit the tang down in the hole. Cut a piece of brass to fit the end of the antler and cut a slot for the blade. Cut a piece of brass rod and drilled a hole in the antler to pin the blade in. Kneaded up some epoxy and filled the holes up and then forced the blade in. Put the pin in and before the epoxy set beat on the ends with a hammer to swell them and set them in the holes and then let it set up.  Once set up filed the guard and pin to properly fit the shape of the handle and filed the handle smooth. Did a bit of sanding and sharpened the blade and have a much nicer knife.  No pix of the process but here are a couple of the finished product.

Antler knife

Antler knife

Other side

Other side

Haven’t decided on what kind of sheath I’m gonna make for it yet. Handle is a bit long for the blade but it feels good in the hand so am going to leave it this way and use it for a while and see how it works out.

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