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Still kicking

December 7, 2017

Just not as high or hard.

Needed to charge the tractor battery (alternator quit working and it’s been easier to charge the battery every few uses than to repair it). Got the extension cord and went to pick up the battery charger and realized that I couldn’t carry both as the plastic handle of the charger had broken off a couple of winters ago. So time to replace the handle. To take the charger apart required prying tabs out of holes in the bottom. Screwdriver was too big and needed an angle on the end so that was out. Bent a hook on a rusty #8 box nail and with visegrips pried them out. Found a piece of strapping and cut it to length. Got it through the holes and needed to punch holes in it to put a screw through to join the ends together. Nail wouldn’t punch through this stuff so got the torch out and heated a piece of wire and melted holes in both ends. Bolted them together and put the top back on. Carries much better now!

Battery charging and we’re fixing to head to Flamingo Flea Market to take another load of stuff to put in the building a friend has rented to sell out of. Will be working a few days a month in exchange for being able to put stuff there to sell.

For now the following show the outside of the building. More pictures when I get them.