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Sheath for Knife

June 30, 2015

Decided to go ahead and make a sheath for the new knife. Dug through the pile and found a piece that looked about right.

Piece of leather

Piece of leather

Fit the knife about right when folded over.

Fits knife

Fits knife

Bit at the top folded down and looks like it will work as the belt loop.

Belt Loop

Belt Loop

Got the tools out and some rivets. Punched the first hole in the belt loop and riveted it with the hammer as the rivet tool doesn’t have a deep enough throat to reach that one. Hole punch just fit.

Tools needed

Tools needed

Here’s how it looks from the back.

Belt loop from the back

Belt loop from the back

Used the new knife to trim the leather up.  Did a great job!  Top rivet was first one put in. Put the knife in place and pulled the leather around it and slid it in and out to adjust the fit and then punched the hole and put the rivet in. Second one was the one at the bottom to stop the blade from going any lower. Third one was through 3 thicknesses of leather as it holds the other side of the belt loop and took a longer rivet.

Extra trimmed off and rivets in

Extra trimmed off and rivets in

Last 2 rivets in and the sheath is done other than for oiling/waxing.

And done

And done

Knife fits good and tight and shouldn’t come out in the woods.

Fit is good and tight

Fit is good and tight

And that’s the sheath done. One piece of leather and 6 rivets. A small pile of scrap leather and all the tools used in the making.


The Vasa workbench rebuilt

July 16, 2014

I like!


The almost finished workbench of the Vasa model are set up in our improvised workshop in Mariestad. Photo: Roald Renmælmo The almost finished workbench of the Vasa model are set up in our improvised workshop in Mariestad. Photo: Roald Renmælmo

Vasa is a Swedish warship built 1626-1628. The ship sank after sailing about 1300 meters into her maiden voyage on 10. August 1628. The ship was salvaged in 1961 and its museum are today one of Swedens most popular tourist attractions. Among the extensive amount of relative well preserved artifacts are a Joiners workbench. Tomas and I have examined the original bench at the Vasa Museum and have had support from Fred Hocker and Evelyn Ansel at the museum. The bench is made of oak and some of the parts have been nailed with iron nails. Theese have corroded away during the 333 years on the seabed. There are traces after a bench hook close to the left front leg. There are also a lot of holes in the bench top and the…

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Tuesday on the road

June 8, 2010

Guess all in all we went about 170 miles today. Maybe more. Here to Piedmont, back to Jacksonville, back here, to Pell City, to Calcis, and back here. And I am done in. So till tomorrow… 😉

Another day at home

May 26, 2010

Still feeling like crap. Got a few minor things done here between long periods of rest/sleep. Had to batten down the hatches and fire the ac up as was just too hot to do otherwise. Think I am on the mend but tomorrow will tell. For now am gonna call it a night so till tomorrow…

Tired Thursday

May 20, 2010

Got a few things accomplished today, including getting the counters moved from the third room back to the front room. Still got some shelving to move, along with a bunch of other stuff to rearrange in the rear room but tis much closer than we were. For now, seems like the worst of the storms are past so am about ready to call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉

Hump day done

May 19, 2010

Or close to it. Ended the day with more pocket change than we started with so must be considered a successful day. Sold some stuff. Bought some stuff. Traded for some stuff. Fixed some stuff and put it out for sale. For now am gonna call it a night and hope I feel better tomorrow than I did today. Till then… 😉

Tuesday making like Monday

May 18, 2010

But once again we made it through so guess that counts for something. Hoping tomorrow will be better. Till then… 😉

Twas a Monday

May 17, 2010

Most all day. But we made it through and are heading towards another night of sleep here soon. So till tomorrow… 😉


May 16, 2010

And done. Got to the estate sale and was feeling bad, but they offered to help pack the stuff up and load it so we took the tail end of the outside stuff. Got it to Piedmont and unloaded but not unpacked. I have no idea what all we got. For now am gonna hit the sack early so till tomorrow… 😉

Saturday pieces

May 15, 2010

Got a call from a friend this am just prior to leaving out telling us about a yard sale in Jacksonville, so made the detour and picked up several nice pieces. Spent too much but got some good stuff. Headed on in and was only an hour late. 🙂 No harm done as there were no customers anyway. Which was about par for the day. Had a fair number of lookers but few that bought. Tomorrow we are going to an estate sale so not sure what we will get into there. For now a late night to bed, so till tomorrow… 😉