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How to Make Chocolate Snack Cake from

February 15, 2009

How to Make Chocolate Snack Cake |

This moist, yummy fudge cake is mixed right in the pan, and can go from start to the table in less than an hour. It also contains no dairy or eggs, so it’s a great treat for anyone with allergies to those ingredients. For the same reason, it’s also a very inexpensive treat. And, it’s vegan, so it’s suitable for any and all vegetarians.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You’ll Need

* 8 by 8 inch Baking pan (or 9 by 9 inch)
* All purpose flour (not self-rising)
* White sugar
* Unsweetened cocoa
* Baking soda
* Salt
* White or cider vinegar
* Vegetable oil
* Vanilla (or other) flavoring
* Water
* Fork or whisk

Step One
Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Step Two
To dry baking pan, add 1 1/2 cups flour, 1 cup sugar, 3 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa, 1 tsp. baking soda, and 1/2 tsp. salt to baking pan. Combine thoroughly with fork or whisk.
Step Three
Make 3 hollows in dry ingredients. Add 1 tsp. vanilla to one hollow. Add 3 tbsp. vegetable oil to the second hollow. Add 2 tsp. vinegar to third hollow.
Step Four
Immediately pour 1 cup room temperature water over all ingredients, and stir well with fork or whisk to combine. There may still be a small streak of flour here or there, or a few small lumps. That’s okay.
Step Five
Quickly put cake in oven. Bake for 25 to 35 minutes, or until cake springs back when gently pressed in the center.
Step Six
Cool slightly, then serve. You may dust the cake with powdered sugar for decoration, or you can frost it, but it’s also great plain. It’s also delicious hot served with ice cream.

The above is the cake recipe that I used for the cake I made yesterday.

Only change I made was to add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder to the dry mix.

Didn’t have a 8 or 9 inch square pan handy so I used a 8 inch round which caused it to be deeper and take a bit longer to cook in the center.

Turned out rather good. Was much better after sitting for several hours. Flavor had improved quite a bit. Not sure what it was exactly but twas quite noticeable. Next time I make it I think I’ll use milk instead of water and beat an egg into the milk prior to adding it to the dry mix.

Twas a Monday

January 5, 2009

We took a couple of packages to the post office this am and picked up a few things at Dollar General then came back home.

I went to the barn to get the big shop lights on the folding tripod. Had a problem finding it at first then when I did found the base which I thought was plastic was aluminum and had corroded quite badly. One of the 3 legs would unlock and fold. The other two wouldn’t move. So with hammer, Marvel Mystery Oil and assorted other tools I set to work trying to free them. Cat came to see what I wanted to do for lunch an hour or so later and they were still stuck. She warmed leftovers and came back and got me and by then I had gotten a hack saw blade and cut both ends of the pin holding one leg on. Came up and ate and went back at it. Bill came by about 3 and I had the other leg cut loose and was using the Bridgeport milling machine to bore new holes in the legs and base. I got the leg lock free on one of them but the other was not gonna turn loose. Broke the end off of one of my good screwdrivers trying to pry it loose. Ended up getting the leg loose from the aluminum insert and driving it out from the back end. Put it in the Bridgeport and used a file to clean it up. Then a drill and cleaned the aluminum up and put it all back together. Finally got it done about dark. Came up and set it up and turned it on and both lights worked. For about 5 minutes and then one blew. Will get a bulb at a later date. For now the one in that light and the floor lamp I fixed yesterday will do for lighting the stuff I need to photograph. Took a bunch of pictures and then got on to fixing supper.

Had some ground pork that needed using so made sausage and cooked it and then drained the pan and cooked some onions and bell peppers. Put the sausage back in and in another pan started some water boiling for egg noodles. Opened a can of tomato sauce, tomato paste, and spaghetti sauce. Added a bit of water and started it all warming in another pan. Once the peppers and onions were done added the drained sausage back in and let it sit till the noodles were done and then drained them, rinsed under cold water and added them to the sausage mix. Cooked the tomato sauce for about 30 minutes and then served it over the noodles and sausage. Twas quite tasty. And there is enough for another meal later on.

Guess I need to get onto processing the pictures I took earlier but that may get to wait till tomorrow. Am about tired. Will see what the morrow brings when it gets here. Till then… 😉