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Flat Bread and a Hammer Handle

February 20, 2009

Cooked a couple of loaves of bread tonight and they didn’t rise like they have been doing. Not sure if it was too much water, too much kneading, too much added flour while kneading, or something to do with the weather/temperature. Still eatable but has a heavy yeasty flavor. Will get more flour tomorrow and make more.

Got out this morning for a bit. Cut some brush and blackberry canes to get into some areas that I am trying to get cleared out so I can bushhog, as well as trying to find more pieces of shelving cross pieces to put up some workbenches and storage areas for lumber. Found a few at the yard sale trailer, loaded them into the wheelbarrow and pushed it back over here. By the time I got here was just totally worn out. Came in and had to just sit for a while. Got to feeling a bit better, so went out and got a sledge hammer head that needed the handle piece burned out. Brought it in and put it in the woodburner for a bit. Burned it right out. Used the fire tongs and removed it and put it on a brick to cool. Found the wedge and got it out too.

After lunch we packed a book and 12 skeins of yarn to ship out, then took them to the post office. Got back and I got the sledge hammer head and wedge and carried it out to the work trailer, found a piece of oak and split a section off and rough rounded it down with a hatchet. Put it in the shaving horse and finished shaping it, then smoothed it down with the draw knife. Fitted it to the opening in the sledge hammer head then drove it in hard and cut it off. Drove the wedge in and scrapped the handle down a bit more with a knife. Now have another short handled sledge hammer for blacksmithing work. Got a big 20 pounder that I need to make a handle for too. Want to find a nice young hickory for that one.

Think I will browse a bit more and then call it a night. Till tomorrow… 😉

Carpintaria Carlos Alberto

January 19, 2009

Carpintaria Carlos Alberto

Now THIS dude is a carpenter! Check out the Vespa and the other motorcycle he has built out of wood. That Vespa is a true work of art! Incredible detail!