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Still kicking

December 7, 2017

Just not as high or hard.

Needed to charge the tractor battery (alternator quit working and it’s been easier to charge the battery every few uses than to repair it). Got the extension cord and went to pick up the battery charger and realized that I couldn’t carry both as the plastic handle of the charger had broken off a couple of winters ago. So time to replace the handle. To take the charger apart required prying tabs out of holes in the bottom. Screwdriver was too big and needed an angle on the end so that was out. Bent a hook on a rusty #8 box nail and with visegrips pried them out. Found a piece of strapping and cut it to length. Got it through the holes and needed to punch holes in it to put a screw through to join the ends together. Nail wouldn’t punch through this stuff so got the torch out and heated a piece of wire and melted holes in both ends. Bolted them together and put the top back on. Carries much better now!

Battery charging and we’re fixing to head to Flamingo Flea Market to take another load of stuff to put in the building a friend has rented to sell out of. Will be working a few days a month in exchange for being able to put stuff there to sell.

For now the following show the outside of the building. More pictures when I get them.


Slow hot Saturday

July 10, 2010

Which pretty much sums the day up. Tomorrow will be spent checking out a couple of estate sales. Till then… 😉

Another hot day

July 9, 2010

Really hot. And another one with little business. Seems the hotter it gets the fewer people come out to shop. Can’t blame them either. Made it through though by the end of the day had a hell of a head ache. Came home and took a several hour nap. Hoping tomorrow is a cooler day though doubt it. Till then… 😉


July 8, 2010

And done. Quite the hot one today. Started early with a power outage here. After checking our lines, called and reported it to find that a tree had fallen on a line up the road. Back to bed for a bit and then showered, dressed, and ate by flashlight. Headed on in to work and unpacked stuff to find one of the pieces of depression glass had gotten broken in transport. Will pack and wrap all of the stuff myself from now on. Got things cleaned, identified, and priced. Checked out a fan motor to find it needed a thermal fuse so after hitting the hardware stores tried the Radio Shack Associate store to be pleasantly surprised at all the PARTS they stock. Going back tomorrow morning to get a soldering iron they have on clearance. Lots of stuff there I haven’t seen in a Rat Shack in YEARS. Twill make it lots easier to fix some of the stuff I have been sticking back till I could get the parts. Came home to find that the power was restored before noon so no problems with the fridge or freezers. For now am calling it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉

Wednesday on the road

July 7, 2010

And finally after many miles back home again. Did the Calcis run today to take Cat’s mom groceries and stuff. Made a stop at the Landis Antique Mall in Pell City just off the interstate. Been seeing it for years, just never stopped in to see what they had. Bought several nice pieces. Lots more that we passed up for one reason or the other. Will certainly go back. Went on to WW and got the last stuff that was not available in Anniston or Jacksonville. Then on to Calcis. On the way back, stopped in at David Timm’s Antiques and Imports and got a fair amount of stuff, then on to Uncle Fred’s Thrift Store where we got a few more things. Again passing up a few pieces that I wanted but just couldn’t justify getting at the price offered. Maybe next time. And after another hour, home. Am done in and bed is calling so till tomorrow… 😉


July 6, 2010

And finally done. Twas a LOOONNNGGG day. But tis now over and done with. Tomorrow will be an on the road day, mainly to Calcis and parts in that direction. Hitting the sack here in a few so till tomorrow… 😉

Long tired Monday

July 5, 2010

Twas a day. Got to the store and after some other work unloaded the china cabinet. Got it inside and started going over it to see what all it needed. Took the glass door off and removed the glass from it. Cleaned and oiled the wood trim and cleaned the glass, then put the glass back in. Cut some pasteboard shims, punched holes for the screws and reinstalled the door with shims to realign it in the frame. Glued and nailed the door stop back in place and reinstalled the door latch. Tis all better now. Works like it should. Cleaned and oiled the outside of the cabinet. Did some work on the top where pots had been sitting and watered which had damaged the finish. All in all, took about 4 hours to get it to a point that it looks quite nice and is ready to sell. Put some stuff inside it and will add things on top tomorrow after the tung oil polymerizes. Did a bit of work on a clock which afterwards would not run so will go after it again later. Called it a day around 5, came home by way of the folks house where we picked up a bag of beans. Fixed supper and then snapped beans for quite a while. Cooked one pot which is cooling now. Rest of them will go in the fridge till tomorrow when we will cook them. For now am gonna do a couple of more things and call it a night, so till tomorrow… 😉

A tired (but productive) Forth

July 4, 2010

Spent the morning moving the second truckload of stuff into the booth, then came back here where we unloaded two store shelving sections, tore them down, loaded them into the truck, took them out to Valley Antiques, unloaded the truck, moved the pieces inside, put the shelving back together, and loaded the stock on them. Then did the pricing, checking tags, redoing tags, rearranging things, checking tags one more time, fixing missing info, checking them one more time, and finally calling that part done for now. Jumped into the truck, and headed to Pell City to try to keep a 3 pm appointment to look at a china cabinet. Made it within a couple of minutes of the agreed on time. Went in, looked at it, and a couple of pieces of glass that they had, made the purchase, and then discovered that the lady was someone I had known years ago! Small world! Loaded the stuff in the truck and then ended up spending nearly an hour standing in the front yard talking. Stopped at Taco Bell in Pell City to eat “lunch” at about 4:30 and then came back home. Was gonna go to Piedmont to drop the stuff off but just too tired. Came in and looked at the computer for a short time and then took a several hour nap on the couch. Got up and been looking up stuff online since. Heading to bed soon, so till tomorrow… 😉


July 3, 2010

And close to done. Got the first load of merchandise moved to our new booth at Valley Antiques this afternoon. Made the trip back to Piedmont and got another truckload, stopped at WW on the way in to pick up a couple of things and then on in for the day. Twas a long one. Meeting some folks at Valley in the morning early to get the second load put in, then will come back here and get a couple of sections of shelving torn down to move out there. Hoping to get it done by mid afternoon at the latest. Hitting the sack early so till tomorrow… 😉

And Finally TGIF

July 2, 2010

Had a long day today. Spent most of the day working in the grocery store rather than in the LCS. Hoping that tomorrow we will be able to take some time and get started moving stuff to Valley Antiques. Looking like it will take either 4 or 5 trips to get the stuff I want to move out there into place. Still not sure what all we will be taking but the small stuff will only take one or two trips where the big stuff will take at least 3. Have to see what can be packed in and around to cut down on the # of trips. An calling it an early night so till tomorrow… 😉